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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Wisdom From Greerology!


For those interested in promoting their business or creating their business with cutting edge tools.


Life is created by a series of events. If you can find some way to pull 20 extra minutes out of your life, you’d better use them wisely. Where will you discover this time, and when you find this time, how will you use it? Just 20 minutes a day will convert into a powerful 121 hours a year. That ... Read More »


  THE BIG SPARK   You need a strategy that connects you with your target audience!  The strategy has to connect you to your clients and prospects aggressively.  The most dazzling strategy won't help you earn a revenue or accomplish your unbelievable dreams if it isn't built around your target audience.  A strategy that isn't based on customers is rather ... Read More »

The Principals Of Marketing For Online And Offline

Understanding The Principals Of Marketing For Online And Offline Almost every product or service sold in the world today falls under the principals of marketing. Even people who are in the public eye all of the time have to find a way to market themselves. This is why it’s important for any new business or service provider to understand the ... Read More »

Starting A Small Business During A Bad Economic Crisis

Our nation is currently suffering a terrible economic crisis. The economy is poor and our nation overall is suffering from the effects of such. People are losing their jobs in droves and for most; there is no relief in sight. Huge corporations are performing or considering layoff’s of their employees because the cash is simply no longer there. Unbelievably, there ... Read More »