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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Wisdom From Greerology!


Avoid Dating Certain Women

Avoid certain women

Avoid dating the wrong women at all cost. The latest overview uncovered that fifty two percent of men date for closeness. Men are searching for that "somebody" to get extremely close to and a potential mate forever. There are ladies that a man ought to avoid as it relates to dating. Here are signs to watch out for: 1. Avoid ... Read More »

Breakup…Life Goes On! Surviving A Breakup is A Must Read!

Moving on

Surviving A Breakup - 3 Things You Must Do! Surviving a separation can feel crazy, particularly if you didn't generally need the relationship to end. Anyhow regardless of the fact that you were the person who chose it was over, it can feel bad to have such an essential piece of your life end. There are three vital things you ... Read More »

Communication Issues With Your Lover Can Be Fixed

Fix My Relationship

Communication is a thing of the past? Communication issues affect every couple at some point, regardless of how incredible you and your sweetie get along, you're certain to run into some miscommunication some place along the line. The uplifting news is, with the right approach, these issues typically aren't so difficult to tackle. Cross the sex line! Males and females ... Read More »

Dealing With A Break Up

Your break up shouldn't make you break down

BREAK UP OR BREAK DOWN No one wants to experience a break up. However, if you do experience a break up it doesn't mean you have to experience a break down because of it. There are ways to recovery so lets get started! When you’re dealing with a break up it’s easy to get mired down in bad feelings. You’ve ... Read More »

Dating A Woman How To Become More Confident

Do you know how to become more confident when dating a woman?  Do you feel that she has the upper hand because you have some basic insecurities?  Do you wish that you could present the same air of self assuredness that she does?  Here's a guide to how to become more confident when dating a woman. 1.  Show that you ... Read More »

Can You Get Back Together With Your Ex-Girlfriend

Do you say, “I miss my ex?” Get back together with her at your peril.  Many men think they can’t live without the former woman in their lives.  They worry that they will never find another woman as beautiful as she was.  But don’t let that fool you.  The idea of “ex get back together” can ruin your life. Women ... Read More »

Avoid Bad Break Up Advice

Everyone will offer break up advice when you’re hurting, even if they don’t know what they’re talking about. Most such advice is still pretty good, as long as you know you have to take what works for you and don’t worry about the rest. But bad break up advice can do more harm than good. How do you know the ... Read More »

7 Things To Watch For In Dating Relationships

Relationship advice always come with a lot of suggestions. I'm sure you have heard your share. However, I believe it can be narrowed down to just a few things.  Before you begin to read I also recommend you read this book (Click here to see what book it is). When starting a new dating relationship, everything is new.  You Will tend ... Read More »


Understanding Why Kids Are Against Dating So, your kids have decided that they do not want you to go on a date. They are not happy with your decision. The children may have feelings of abandonment or fears of losing you to another person. One of the easiest ways that you can reassure your kids and help them cope is ... Read More »


How to save your marriage

5 THINGS THAT YOU CAN START DOING TODAY TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE Have you been looking for advice on how to save a marriage, but can’t seem to find anything more than vague tips about learning communication skills, not criticizing, forgiving each other? Well, sure, those things are great, but there’s a lot you can do today to make things ... Read More »