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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Wisdom From Greerology!



Life is created by a series of events. If you can find some way to pull 20 extra minutes out of your life, you’d better use them wisely. Where will you discover this time, and when you find this time, how will you use it? Just 20 minutes a day will convert into a powerful 121 hours a year. That ... Read More »


  THE BIG SPARK   You need a strategy that connects you with your target audience!  The strategy has to connect you to your clients and prospects aggressively.  The most dazzling strategy won't help you earn a revenue or accomplish your unbelievable dreams if it isn't built around your target audience.  A strategy that isn't based on customers is rather ... Read More »

Engaging Your Customers Online

3 Key Ways to Engage Your Customers Online Engaging your customers online is a vital part of your business success. To do so takes some work, time and planning on your behalf. Here are three key ways that are guaranteed to assist you in engaging your customers better online. Social Media Social media is a very broad arena. It includes ... Read More »

Social Media Success Can Be Measured In Several Effective Ways

Knowing your success

Social Media Success Can Be Measured In Several Effective Ways Social media success can be measured in several effective ways. One thing for sure social media can lead to success if used appropriately. Social media is the new word of mouth. This indicates to use that there should be new methods to take advantage of social media. Everyone nowadays knows ... Read More »

Pinterest Is Taking Over

Pinterest Gaining Ground

Pinterest Is The Next Big Thing In Social Media Pinterest has made its arrival in such a complicate time as this. It is amazing how many social media platforms floating around on the internet right now. They're here today and gone tomorrow. We’re pretty sure that a lot of Internet marketers and businesses are asking the same question. Is Pinterest here ... Read More »

Can Twitter Stay Alive

Twit Your Message

Can Twitter Stay Alive? Twitter has made some serious improvements lately. Someone discovered that the organization has to stay connected to their users in a major way! With that being said Twitter had to come out of the darkness into the light. Twitter is everywhere. You can hear about it on NPR and CNN. Comedy sitcoms are also talking about it. So ... Read More »