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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Wisdom From Greerology!
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Stay tuned ! Once a month, things happen in the life of a young schizophrenic ... "Everything had to fall apart in your absence…. You don’t need to jump on the first plane. Trust me, I am doing fine except the fact that I will need a psychiatrist urgently. Could you call Linda Maxwell or her husband for me? I ... Read More »

Upscale Soulmate Connections

Upscale Soulmate Connections is hosting the 3rd Annual Social/Singles.The event has been organized to provide today’s chic singles networking opportunities to connect with each other for business, as well as personal requirements. Click here for tickets Read More »

Angel Ice Sculptures

Angel Ice Sculptures is a family owned and operated business dedicated to helping add that extra wow factor to all events. We are ice carvers located in Brisbane Australia. We do ice carvings and sculptures for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, etc. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE Read More »


  THE BIG SPARK   You need a strategy that connects you with your target audience!  The strategy has to connect you to your clients and prospects aggressively.  The most dazzling strategy won't help you earn a revenue or accomplish your unbelievable dreams if it isn't built around your target audience.  A strategy that isn't based on customers is rather ... Read More »

Defensive End

What stops bed bugs? Our product is made from 100% food grade fossilized shell powder, a feed additive in US agriculture with the interesting coincidence of also eliminating parasites. With the fastest shipping in the business, fail-proof video instructions, and heavy duty dispensers, we think it's the best natural bed bug solution out there right now, and can save you ... Read More »


Business Opportunity for Entrepreneur Mindset people!! I am looking for someone with entrepreneur characteristics and skills to be trained as a Travel Agent. Invest in yourself and let us grow together. Click here for the Website Read More »

Fallin For A Bad Boy

Devastated by the brutal shooting of her fiancé D-Mario, Kendra found herself drowning in a deep depression. She couldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t eat; she was all messed up in the head. She felt like she was wasting away and didn’t have the will to live anymore. That is until her friend Annevia finally convinced her to get out of the ... Read More »

Music Mix Daily

Music Mix Daily: the source for all your music news, concert reviews & much more! www.musicmixdaily.com Read More »

Online Dating Profile

Dating Online

Today we're featuring a unique business from a unique businesswoman named Hailey - a professional copywriter who's turned her services to professional matchmaking. After male AND female friends asked her to write their online dating profiles and started getting a lot more requests for dates, she launched a gig on fiverr where anyone can have their dating profile professionally written. ... Read More »

Choose Online Counseling

Know someone who needs help with abuse, addiction, anger management, anxiety, creating the mental attitude to stop smoking, depression, eating disorders, marriage difficulties, parenting issues, sex therapy or stress? Go to:  www.chooseonlinecounseling.com. Read More »