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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
Wisdom From Greerology!
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Coincdences OnePageBookCoverImageStay tuned ! Once a month, things happen in the life of a young schizophrenic ...

"Everything had to fall apart in your absence…. You don’t need to jump on the first plane. Trust me, I am doing fine except the fact that I will need a psychiatrist urgently. Could you call Linda Maxwell or her husband for me? I don’t want the one they are trying to schedule me with here! I was taken here and diagnosed with schizophrenia after a very short evaluation; but you know, I am so sick of the whole situation that whether I agree or not with the diagnostic, I will comply with whatever treatment plan they are putting in place to help me."


About T. Ray Greer, Jr.

T. Ray Greer, Jr. is a passionate pastor, entrepreneur, writer and friend. He speaks on leadership, social media and enjoy sharing the Gospel. He also does a limited amount of consulting for individuals and organizations. To check his availability please go to the Contact Us page.

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