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Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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Fallin For A Bad Boy

Bad Boy PosterDevastated by the brutal shooting of her fiancé D-Mario, Kendra found herself drowning in a deep depression. She couldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t eat; she was all messed up in the head. She felt like she was wasting away and didn’t have the will to live anymore. That is until her friend Annevia finally convinced her to get out of the house and go out with her to have a good time “You’ll never know if you don’t try,” Annevia always said.

Then Kendra meets Blue, an upcoming bad boy with the infamous reputation of going from 0 to 100 real quick on anyone who steps on his toes. He finds himself slithering into her heart, in spite of his girlfriend, Zakia who was waiting at home for him.

See what happens when the tables turn and the pieces of D’Mario’s murder start to unravel placing both Blue and Zakia at the scene of the crime.

Will Kendra ride for her man or die for the other man?


About T. Ray Greer, Jr.

T. Ray Greer, Jr. is a passionate pastor, entrepreneur, writer and friend. He speaks on leadership, social media and enjoy sharing the Gospel. He also does a limited amount of consulting for individuals and organizations. To check his availability please go to the Contact Us page.

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