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Friday , 27 April 2018
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Is There A Pastor In The Elevator For Beyonce, Solange & Jay Z?

Beyonce and Jay-Z Party with Solange at Met Gala After Party IS THERE ANYONE AVAILABLE TO COUNSEL SOLANGE, JAY Z AND BEYONCE?

Bodily fighting is NEVER the answer to any problem, no matter how crazy life is at the moment. It doesn't matter if it's your worst enemy,  father-in-law, or in this case your brother-in-law. It's just not healthy regardless the reason behind it.

According to all the reports I've seen it appears that nobody outside of Beyonce, Solange, Jay Z and the body guard knows what really sparked this chain of violent events. However, does it matter? Unless her life was in direct danger at the hands of Jay Z does the action fits the cause?

“Clearly, getting into a physical family fight is no way to handle emotional disagreements,” agrees psychotherapist Dr. Robi Ludwig. “Solange needs to ask herself why she allowed herself to get triggered in this way and find other ways to communicate her displeasure.”

Is it that bad, Solange? I got a feeling you were fighting for your family. You were fighting for your blood. You were fighting for your sister! In the African-American community that will cause a storm for sure. But in this generation we have come a long way and I'm not sure if taking random attempts at punches and kicks will bring remedy to the problem. In fact, it may be worst now because of the opportunity that has been created for the media to rape the story.

Trust me I know that the world is waiting to see the response to this unfortunate chain of events in a simple elevator. Will Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange seek counseling on this matter? Is there a pastor that is connected to all three of these people involved that can bring a remedy to the surface? Or will this caused them to travel in separate directions?  At the end of the day I'm sure that Jay-Z and Beyonce got married to be married for the rest of their lives.  I'm also aware that Beyonce and Solange will be sisters for the rest of their lives as well.  So naturally something has to give.

I would hope they would talk about this among themselves, without the physical outburst taking place. However, I think it's safer if a spiritual counselor mediated this exchange of positions among the family.

That means you must get professional help, or at the very least, make time ASAP to talk this out!

I will say this for the record. I'm not sure if Jay-Z sparked this brawl in any form or fashion but I respect the fact that he stayed claim. As a rapper he responded in a way that many feel isn't consistent with his industry. 

It is crucial that Solange learn to fight with her words and not with her punches and kicks.  Jay-Z may have suffered some scars from her actions but they will heal.  The private scars that can't be seen will last a lifetime if they aren't healed. When you are a high-profile person you can't let low life actions dictate who you are.

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